[Dis-]Organisation and [De-]Institutionalisation in Social Work and Social Pedagogy

Biannual Conference of the Social Pedagogy Section within the ÖFEB,  20/21 September 2018 in Salzburg

The Conference Programme and further information about the Panels and Keynote Speakers is here available.

In the professional discourse, it is assumed that the relation between social movements and independent activity (on one hand) and (on the other) professionals in a socio-political context with state support was historically constitutive of social work and social pedagogy. However, there are few fundamental discussions on the fact that organisational structures and different types of institutionalisation are specifically reflected in means of social problem-solving (and vice versa), or how this happens.

This is exactly what the biannual Conference of the Section Social Pedagogy at the ÖFEB – the Austrian Association of Research and Development in Education – will scrutinise this year from a historical, contemporary and future-oriented perspective. This focus is motivated by current socio-political dynamics and developments in practice: Where can we identify tendencies toward disorganisation in social help? Where, and how, do new deinstitutionalised forms of support emerge? And are there indicators that professional social services are becoming deinstitutionalised?

We warmly invite our fellow professionals to take part in our joint discussion at the University of Salzburg!

The working languages are German and English. Download the poster here.

You will find more on the content and background of the conference here.